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Our address: 02096, Ukraine, Kyiv, Simferopolska Str, 13a
02096, Ukraine, Kyiv, Simferopolska Str, 13a
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Equipment warranty conditions:

1. The seller guarantees that the goods at the time of sale are free of malfunctions and defects. This insures the buyer against hidden factory defects of the equipment that were not detected during production testing, pre-sale preparation and initial operation.
2. Warranty obligations come into force from the moment of purchase of the equipment. The warranty is valid and can be performed at authorized service centers.
3. During the warranty period, the service center repairs or replaces the defective part of the equipment. All defective equipment parts and non-repairable parts and/or components remain at the service center and are its property. Repaired equipment in working condition is returned to the buyer.
4. After warranty repair or replacement of the equipment (in the event that it cannot be repaired), the equipment retains the right to warranty service until the end of the warranty period, in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine.
5. This limited warranty does not cover defects resulting from normal wear and tear of equipment items and/or components.
6. This limited warranty does not apply if:
a) the defect is a consequence of:
• violation of the rules of operation, storage or transportation;
• careless use;
• effects of moisture or extreme temperature conditions;
• extreme environmental conditions;
• damage by lightning and/or power supply voltage drops;
• damage by rodents or insects;
• action of chemicals that caused corrosion and oxidation;
• unauthorized modifications or connections;
• unauthorized opening or repair of equipment (its elements or components);
• natural disaster;
• other cases beyond the seller's control (including but not limited to defects in wearable parts, such as batteries with a limited life, etc.).
b) serial number, dating code of the equipment is removed, erased, distorted;
c) defects or malfunctions resulting from incorrect testing, adjustment or adjustment operations, use of unlicensed software, and any changes or modifications of equipment (elements and/or its components);
d) the equipment was disassembled or repaired by a service center that does not have the authority to do so from the manufacturer.
7. The buyer's requirements are considered when providing a document for the purchase of goods and/or a warranty card.
8. Delivery of equipment for warranty service is carried out by the buyer at the address: Kyiv, street Simferopolska, office 206, tel. (099) 7536115 or to the agreed office of the carrier Nova Post LLC.