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New U-Prox MPX wireless security devices – innovation and reliability

New U-Prox MPX wireless security devices – innovation and reliability
Check out the innovative security centers U-PROX MPX L and U-PROX MPX LE. These devices are designed to create home security in accordance with modern technological standards. They provide an increased degree of object protection.
U-PROX MPX is a step forward in the development of wireless security technologies. The MPX device is a new generation of wireless security centers. It has a powerful processor that combines all the necessary functions in one device. Increased memory size, support for photo-verified detectors, advanced home automation capabilities, and a modem with LTE support provide a high level of security.

The U-PROX MPX wireless security alarm device provides the user with a number of advantages

• Increased number of supported devices: up to 500 security devices, including up to 250 zones for wireless sensors, as well as 150 automation devices (relays and flood prevention devices) and 30 keypads.
• Advanced user capabilities: support up to 250 users and 250 key fobs to control the security mode or alarm buttons. Each user can have their own unique code (keyboard and duress code) and the U-Prox Home mobile application.
• Photo verification using U-Prox PIR Cam wireless sensors, which allows you to send photos in push notifications to owners and save them in the event history.
• Reliable communication by supporting Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G (LTE) or 2G channels with automatic switching between them.
• Support for 8 radio signal repeaters that automatically choose the best notification route. This makes the MPX center an excellent choice for facilities of any size: from high-rise buildings and office centers to ordinary apartments. And under any difficult conditions, notifications always arrive on time.
• Autonomy: works up to 24 hours from the built-in backup battery.
• The intuitive interface of the U-Prox Installer mobile application makes the U-Prox MPX setup process as user-friendly as possible.
• Constant automatic online updating makes it possible for the device to always remain up-to-date and reliable.

Available device modifications in white and black colors

U-PROX MPX L with Wi-Fi support and two micro-SIM slots (2G/4G).
U-PROX MPX LE with support for Ethernet, Wi-Fi and two slots for micro-SIM (2G/4G).
The reliability, functionality and modernity of the U-PROX MPX ensure that this device can be trusted with the security and protection of your business or private property.
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