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Installation, adjustment, maintenance of video surveillance

Work on the installation and adjustment of video surveillance: Installation of internal engineering networks, devices and measuring communications, signaling, radio, television and information networks. We also carry out adjustment of automation communications, video monitoring and surveillance systems, and act as a general contractor in the construction of engineering systems and structures.

When building a cable network for video surveillance systems we put the following principles:

- "Non-coaxial technology", which provides the maximum possible use of cable type "twisted pair". The advantage is a significant increase in the quality of the video (vplayv sharply reduced electromagnetic interference) and transmission range (can reach about 3000 m cable) as well as reduce the cost of works and materials;

- Using only quality materials possible domestic production;

- Compliance with building codes during the work;

- Compliance with safety.

The work carried out by experienced teams, quickly, efficiently, in compliance with state building codes (State Standards of Ukraine) and EUROCODE.