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Power cable Odeskabel SHVVPn 3x1.5 (ШВВПн 3х1.5) white, copper

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Power cable (flexible) SHVVPn 3x1.5 (ШВВПн 3х1.5), conductors - copper, multi-wire, round shape class 5 IEC 60227-5. Conductor insulation - PVC plastic. The sheath of the cable is PVC plastic.

Wire type: cord (W) in vinyl sheath (B) vinyl insulation (B) flat (P), connecting cable, power cable, copper wire.

Application of the power copper cable of SHVVPn:
The cable (wire type SHVVP) is intended for connecting electrical appliances of various purposes that consume voltage up to 380/50 Hz. The HVLP wire allows you to connect devices of any class of electrical safety. Connected electrical appliances include: washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens; radio electronic equipment: acoustic systems, amplifiers; power tools: drills, perforators, machines, etc. Due to its flexible qualities, the 2 x 1.5 HVLP is used as a 220 V voltage extender.

The construction of the power copper cable of SHVVPn:
The current-carrying core is made of copper wires or alkaline tinned copper wires according to IEC 60227-5. The wire in the cores is twisted in the left direction, insulated with a PVC sheath. The connecting cable of the HVLP has two and three parallel laid cores with a cross-section of 0.2 square meters. mm to 4 sq. mm

The sheath of the cores can be made of PVC or rubber and must comply with IEC 60227-5. Copper wire SHVVP can have a core sheath of the following colors (color designation): white or gray (SHVVP-B), blue or blue (SHVVP-C), yellow or orange (SHVVP-Ж), green (SHVVP-Z), red ( ShVVP-K), brown (ShVVP-Kch), black (ShVVP-Ch). Yellow insulation with a green stripe along the entire length (ШВВП-З-Ж) is used to paint the grounding wire. The zero wire is colored blue. Cable SHVVP-T is not painted white or gray.

The insulation is made of PVC plastic and tightly fits the insulated wires. The insulation is easily separated for stripping the cable without damaging the core sheath.
Filling the empty space in the cable is made of foamed PVC plastic and may be absent.

Power copper cable SHVVPn - designation for several climatic versions according to GOST 15150-69:
• SHVVP-U copper wire - for use in temperate latitudes with a temperate climate (1st, 2nd and 3rd placement categories according to GOST) and is used at temperatures from -40°С to +40°С.
• SHVVP-T wire - for use in tropical climates (4th category of placement according to GOST)
• SHVVP wire - UHL - for use in a moderately cold climate (4th category of placement according to GOST)
• SHVVPn wire – a cable for reinforcing non-dismountable fittings.

Climatic versions change the technical characteristics of the cable of SHVVP. Designation of climatic performance can be supplemented by designation of the color of the shell.

• Permissible operating temperature: from -25 ° to +40 ° С
• The maximum heating temperature of the wires during operation: +70°С
• 15-minute withstand voltage after staying in water at +20°C for 1 hour - 2000 V/50 Hz.
• SHVVP cable does not burn and does not spread combustion during laying without other cables.
• Tensile strength is 9.8 N
• Resistance to bends when connected to the nominal voltage - 60,000 bends
• Working time exceeds 5,000 hours and 12,000 hours with a stationary household connection
• Construction length - from 50 m
• The minimum bending radius is 33 mm
• Working life - 6 years
• The working life of fixed connections is 10 years
• Corresponds to the standard - GOST 7399-97
• Meets the requirements - IEC 60227-5

• The number of wires is 3
• The nominal cross-section of the wires is 1.5 square meters. mm
• Estimated dimensions of the cable – 4.1x9.8 mm
• Estimated weight (weight) of the cable – 82.36 kg/km

The price is indicated for 1 m.
It is shipped in bays of 100 m.
Number of cores
Сечение жилы
1.5 mm2
Fire resistance
not fire resistant
Product type
Power cable
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