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Satel GSM-X communication module with support for 2 sim cards, in plastic case

Brand: Satel
Product Code: 04436
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GSM Satel GSM-X communication module, support for 2 sim cards, in the case.

GSM-X provides support for various communication channels, compatible with any security alarm system. It allows you to send the information received from the device to the police station or private police station, or to directly interested persons. To connect devices, their inputs and outputs or the modular device autodial module can be used.

A simple extension due to the GSM-X-ETH Ethernet module allows you to add another communication channel and send information via two independent channels (Ethernet and GPRS). The device constantly monitors communication with the monitoring station and, if necessary, replaces one channel with another. In European industry standards, this solution is defined by the term "Dual Path Reporting". It meets the strictest norms of the DP4 category of the EN 50136 standard, which defines the requirements for reliability and mechanisms for ensuring communication, as well as information delivery.

GSM-X allows you to send voice, SMS or PUSH messages, as well as use the CLIP service to notify system 8 users of events.

The GSM-X module can be connected to the control panels of the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus series via the RS-232 interface. Thanks to this, GSM-X performs monitoring and notification (text based on event list - INTEGRA Plus), and also allows remote connection to DLOADX and GUARDX.

The module can provide a backup communication channel for a city analog telephone line, for example, in case of its breakdown, redirecting outgoing calls to mobile communication. GSM-X can also act as an additional external line of a mini PBX.

GSM-X has 4 outputs that can be remotely controlled and activated from almost anywhere in the world using the following tools: SMS, CLIP, DTMF signals, GX CONTROL or GX Soft mobile application. Thanks to this, the GSM-X module can be used to control not only security alarms, but also automation elements.

Specialized GX Soft software is used to configure the module. The connection between a PC with installed software and the GSM-X module can be performed locally (via mini-USB) or remotely (via Ethernet* or GPRS).

GSM-X is compatible with UpServ for remote firmware update of modules, without the need to visit the facility where the device is installed.

The universal GSM-X communication interface has an integrated GSM phone and supports two SIM cards, which allows you to use the services of different operators. In case of communication problems, the module automatically switches to the second card, ensuring continuity of communication.

• support for Dual Path Reporting (compatibility with the European standard EN 50136 category DP4)*
• conversion of telephone monitoring signals into formats for sending by channel: audio/SMS/Ethernet*/GPRS
• sending messages to 8 phone numbers
• messages: voice messages/SMS/PUSH/CLIP
• conversion of PAGER to SMS
• imitation of a telephone line by the GSM network - GSM-gateway
• switching to GSM in the event of a telephone line failure
• extended functionality in case of joint work with INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus devices:
• fast RS-232 data transfer
• monitoring of TCP/IP events received from the device via RS-232
• automatic creation of the text of SMS messages based on the list of events (INTEGRA Plus)
• remote system configuration and administration using DLOADX and GUARDX
• SMS and CLIP receiver for the STAM-2 police station
• 4 programmable inputs (NO, NC)
• 4 outputs (OC) with the possibility of remote control: SMS/CLIP/DTMF/GX CONTROL/GX Soft
• support for two SIM cards
• the possibility of checking the current balance on the SIM card account and setting the message about the minimum limit on the account
• Settings using GX Soft:
- locally via USB
- remotely via Ethernet* or GPRS (*when connecting GSM-X-ETH)
• support for the GX CONTROL mobile application
• possibility of remote firmware update
the possibility of connecting a power supply, e.g. APS-612
• simple expansion due to the GSM-X-ETH Ethernet module

• Number of OC (open collector) outputs 4
• Supply voltage (±15%) 12 V DC
• The number of zones is 4
• The overall dimensions of the case are 126 x 158 x 46 mm
• The dimensions of the electronics are 141 x 70 mm
• Operating temperature range -10...+55°C
• Standby current consumption 100 mA
• Maximum current consumption 275 mA
• Weight 255 g
• Maximum air humidity 93±3%
• Environmental class according to the EN50130-5 II standard
• Number of power outputs 1
• Output type OC 50 mA/12 V DC
• AUX output 300 mA / 12 V DC
Product type
Security alarm module
Warranty period
12 months
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