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Access card Mifare Plus S 2K contactless with encryption

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Contactless access card Mifare Plus S 2k (Plus 2K-S) ISO size (for printing on a printer) Mifare standard with a memory capacity of 2048 bytes (2k) with support for CRYPTO1 / AES encryption. Rewritable up to 200,000 cycles. Anti-collision support, data storage up to 10 years. Operates in the 13.56 MHz band, complies with DSTU ISO / IEC 14443 type A. Application, payment systems, access control systems, transport cards, discount systems, loyalty programs, identification documents, etc. ID printing: optional (specified when ordering). Material: PVC. White color. Color printing: available on request. Working temperature: -30°С…+75°С. Storage temperature: -40°С…+85°С. Dimensions: 86x54x0.76mm.

The Mifare Plus S 2K card has 2 types of memory: UID (UID) - a unique non-rewritable identifier and an additional 2K memory that can be rewritable.

It is impossible to copy or counterfeit the Mifare Plus S 2K access card when using it in AES encryption mode. Keys can be stored as MIFARE CRYPTO1 (2 × 48-bit per sector) and as AES keys (2 × 128-bit per sector).

When used with the access control system U-Prox WEB works as an access card with absolute protection against cloning (copying).

Mifare Plus S standard cards appeared to replace Mifare 1K, 4K cards, they are fully compatible with them, at the same time they use the AES encryption algorithm instead of Crypto-1, respectively, they have greater security.

• organization of access to premises (hospitals, institutes, schools, hotels, sanatoriums, government agencies) and places of recreation (hotels, attractions), automatic parking and parking
• as passes (keys) for accounting and access control systems (ACS)
• taking into account the route of movement of employees (managers, drivers, sales representatives, etc.)
• to organize payment for travel in public transport
• to arrange payment for toll roads
• to organize payments for goods and services

• Chip module - MifarePlus S 2K
• Dimensions 86 x 54.0 x 0.76 mm, meet the requirements of DSTU ISO/IEC 7810
• Weight: 5.8 gr.+/- 0.5 gr.
• Manufacturing number (UID) 7 bytes long
• Material White plastic - PVC
• Humidity 90%
• Working temperature From -30°С to +75°С
• Operating frequency 13.56 MHz
• Data transfer rate 106 … 848 Kbps
• Input capacitance of the chip - from 15 to 19 pF
• Reading distance 0.1 m
• Maximum number of readings Unlimited
• Maximum number of overwrites Up to 200,000
• Data retention period 10 years
• Memory capacity 2 KB EEPROM
• Data protection block 1 block defines access rights and secret keys to the corresponding sectors
• Common Criteria - EAL4+ certified
• Security method - CRYPTO1/AES encryption protocol 128 bit
• Anti-collision function Elimination of mutual influence of several cards that are in the reader field by independent addressing to each card
• The amount and organization of the memory of the electrical circuit of the storage device correspond to:
- memory (EEPROM): 2 Kbyte;
- memory organization: 32 sectors of 4 blocks (1 block - 16 bytes);
– support for 2 security levels (SecurityLevel 1.3);
- authentication at the memory sector using the CRYPTO1 algorithms (for the sl-1 level) or AES128 (for the sl-3 level).
• Mechanical loads After 250 bending cycles and 500 breaking cycles according to the ISO 10373 standard, the functions and shape of the card are preserved, they comply with the requirements of DSTU ISO/IEC 7810:2008 and DSTU ISO/IEC 10373-1:2008
• Card security levels.
- Mifare Plus cards support 1 pre-installed (default) and 3 security levels. The card can be in one of the set levels at any time and can only be switched to the highest level.
- Level 0 (Preliminary) - the cards have pre-installed configuration keys, MIFARE Classic CRYPTO1 and AES keys for memory.
- Security level 1 - at this level, the card is 100% functionally compatible with Mifare Classic 1K/4K. Plus the card works without any differences in the existing Mifare Classic infrastructure.
- Security level 2 (Plus X cards only) - AES authentication is mandatory. The MIFARE Classic CRYPTO1 algorithm is used to protect data.
- Security level 3 - mandatory use of AES for authentication, communication confidentiality and integrity.

The price is specified at quantity in the order from 20 to 100 pieces. When ordering up to 20 pieces, the price is negotiable.
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Access card
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1 months
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