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Local software complex Golden Gate 2002 GG-SC-2002-Enterprise for accounting of more than 500 people

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Local software complex GG-SC-2002-Enterprise for setting up and managing access control system Golden Gate 2002. Local version (one workstation). Allows you to edit the personnel database, configure equipment, receive events in real time, generate reports. For an enterprise with more than 500 employees.

Name in the documents: GG-SC-2002Enterprise User copy of the Golden Gate 2002 computer program.
UCT code ZED, DKVP code: 00502.

• Golden Gate 2002 software is designed for the organization of integrated access control and management systems that meet the requirements of various users - from small offices to distributed corporate systems.

• Golden Gate 2002 software consists of a main software module that allows you to edit the personnel database, schedules, access rights, search and configure connected equipment.

• Convenient hierarchical presentation of data
• Context menu
• Changing system settings using Drag&Drop technology
• The interface reflects the object-oriented nature of the data in the system.
• Individual settings of the appearance of the interface for each system operator

Connecting equipment
• Convenient automatic and semi-automatic search for controllers and other equipment
• Connection using various ports: RS232, RS485, Ethernet 10 base T.
• Convenient display of equipment settings in the form of a tree and in a tabular view
• Ability to group equipment to create access points with a large number of access points
• Direct control of controllers and doors from the operator's computer workstation
• Monitoring of controller loops with the recording of changes in their state in the log and its display on the plan.

Personnel database
• Hierarchical enterprise structure with an unlimited number of investments
• Ability to assign group access rights and/or work time schedules
• The possibility of creating an unlimited number of additional fields and their grouping
• Import user photos from most graphic formats or directly from a scanner or camera
• Possibility of issuing several passes to the user
• Special category "visitors"

• Ability to create weekly schedules or schedules with multiples from 1 to 255 days
• Convenient graphical way of editing schedules
• Setting intervals in schedules with an accuracy of one minute

Report generator and event display settings
• Flexible report filters.
• Ability to save an unlimited number of filters for future use
• Ability to filter events by the content of additional fields
• Fully customized external report: list of fields, sorting order, etc.
• Ability to quickly call up a report by changing only one filter parameter - quick queries
• Setting the event color
• Setting the text of the event
• Possibility of sound accompaniment for each event

*We recommend switching to the U-Prox WEB (formerly U-Prox IP) platform, which is completely free, while:
1) network system - controllers are connected directly to the LAN
2) reliable – is a development of the Golgen Gate 2002 system known for its reliable operation, does not hang or break
3) can use the ID protection system against cloning based on Mifare cards, BLE and NFC technologies (access via mobile phone)
4) mainly exported to the countries of the European Union, where it is sold 3-5 times more expensively under various brands
5) free software with a flexible report generation system, which includes all additional modules: a module for recording working hours, a module for photo identification, a module for preparing and printing plastic cards, a module for displaying events on the plan, a module for integration with video surveillance
6) cheaper than analogues available on the market

We provide a full range of consultations and services for the transition from the GoldenGate 2002 platform to U-Prox WEB.
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