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IPK-4 PREMIER (ИПК-4 ПРЕМ`ЄР) 2-wire optical fire smoke detector

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Detector, fire smoke optical sensor IPK-4 PREMIER (ИПК-4 ПРЕМ`ЄР) microprocessor with digital signal processing and remote control, automatic dust compensation, exceptional resistance to interference, self-testing, designed to detect fire in a protected room, 2-wire connection, voltage 0.

The functioning of the IPK-4 detector (ИПК-4 ПРЕМ`ЄР) is based on the measurement and control of the power of light scattered on the smoke particles in the measuring chamber. At the same time, the amplitude, duration and shape of the pulses coming from the photoreceiver are controlled. With the help of special digital filtering algorithms, the microcontroller ignores the signals of random and constantly acting pulse and sinusoidal disturbances, passing only informative signals for further processing. According to the processing results, a decision is made regarding the formation of the corresponding output signals. As a result, these detectors are also characterized by a very high resistance to interference and can be used in objects with a high level of interference. In addition, the background signal is constantly monitored. According to the results of the analysis of the presence and parameters of the background signal, the degree of contamination of the camera and the performance of the main elements of the detector are determined. Thanks to the high resolution of the measuring channel of the detector and special processing algorithms, decisions are made either on the need for step compensation of dustiness or, when a certain level is reached, the detector is put into a pre-alarm state. When performing dust compensation, measures are provided to ensure the necessary response of the detector to fires that develop slowly (EN 54-7). The pre-alarm state is characterized by more frequent measurements, which makes it possible to generate an alarm signal in a timely manner, having reached the set level.

You can set three levels of detector sensitivity - high, medium, low. This is done using a remote control package with a special code. The recorded setting can be stored for a long time even when the power is turned off.

• Intended to detect ignition by measuring and controlling the power of light scattered on smoke particles in the measurement chamber;
• The sensor is installed on the ceiling and is easily adjusted, it is enough to know how to insert the wires into the terminals and read the instructions;
• Made in an organic design from high-quality and durable ABS plastic;
• Conveniently attached to the ceiling using a special attachment;
• Certified by UkrSEPRO;
• Powered by the central unit or separate 10-30 V power supply units

• Sensor type is conductive
• Operating voltage 10 – 30 V
• sensitivity threshold of the smoke channel is 0.09; 0.12; 0.17 dB/m
• Current consumption in idle/alarm mode 0.12/20 mA
• Automatic dust compensation
• Visual control of smoke duct serviceability.
• Visual control of working capacity in duty mode
• Indication of the need for routine work
• ALARM signal indication.
• Operating temperature range –10 °С – +50 °С
• The maximum permissible relative humidity at a temperature of 35 ° C is up to 95%
• The overall dimensions of the detector with the connection socket are no more than Ǿ 100 x 54mm
• The weight of the detector with the outlet is no more than 0.18 kg.
Product type
Fire smoke detector
Warranty period
18 months
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