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GSM alarm system GEOS CONTACT STRING batteries powered, with magnetic contact detector

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Brand: GEOS
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Simple GSM security alarm GEOS CONTACT WIRE, with a magnetic contact detector included, works on three AA batteries, does not require external power, one security zone. The device includes a magnetic contact detector (reed switch) that activates a phone call. Automatic security setting. Low battery warning, account balance. IP66 housing. Supports work with a magnetic contact sensor (reed switch). Operating temperature range from -20 to +50°C. Call to two numbers. GSM 900/1800 MHz standard. Battery life is up to 9 months.

When the magnetic contact sensor is triggered, the GSM module is turned on and registered in the network. After that, the device will make an outgoing call to the number of the first subscriber. If the call is successful, depending on the alarm confirmation mode, the device may end or continue the call attempts. If the first caller does not confirm the alarm message, the device will call the second number. If the subscriber who is called by CONTACT String answers the call, the device will notify about the activation of the sensor.

PAY ATTENTION! After installing the GSM module, the device is disabled, you will not be able to make a call to the device.

PAY ATTENTION! The device is automatically in the protection mode after 5 minutes of no movement at the object! (Arming time can be changed)


A special advantage of an autonomous alarm system is ease of setting. Only 8 steps to setup.
1. Use your mobile phone to turn off PIN verification on the SIM card. Insert the prepared SIM card into the slot.
2. Apply power to the board by inserting 3 AA batteries using the toggle switch.
3. Wait until the device registers on the network and the status indicator flashes briefly. Green LED shows registration and GSM network quality.
4. If the network registration is successful, the device will give two short red LED signals. Next, press the ADD button on the device board.
5. Make a call to the number of the installed SIM card within 30 seconds after pressing the button. The device will answer the call and inform you that your number is saved in the device's memory and list the voice menu commands.
6. In voice menu mode, press 0 and enter the USSD sequence to check the SIM account status.
7. Check the status of the device by pressing the 9 key on the phone's keyboard. The device is ready for operation. After a few minutes, the STRING CONTACT will automatically switch to protection if there is no opening in the area of ​​the magnetic contact sensor.
8. To check the correctness of the setting, turn off the power of the device with the toggle switch and, after waiting 20 seconds, turn it on again. The device will register on the network and make calls to the numbers stored in the device's memory.


• Simple call - without call confirmation.
The device calls programmed numbers. If the subscriber accepts the call, the call is considered successful. This mode allows you to save your money, but does not guarantee that the device will call you and not your answering machine.

• Call back with confirmation.
The device calls 2 programmed numbers in turn. If the subscriber picks up the phone or drops the call, the call back is considered unsuccessful. To cancel a call, you need to pick up the handset and press the 4 key. Protects you from missing a call and ensures that you will hear the current status of the device, such as low battery or the device will warn you of a low card balance.

Connecting the magnetic contact sensor:
• The maximum length of the wire is 10 m.

• Supply voltage: 3.6 – 4.4 V
• Type of power cells: 3xAA
• Battery life: up to 180 days
• Maximum number of subscribers: 2
• Siren connection type: open collector
• Temperature range of operation: from -10 to +55
• Overall dimensions: 110x110x70 mm

The delivery set includes:
• GSM signaling module CONTACT STRING;
• magnetic contact sensor for opening doors/windows (reed switch) ASMK-1;
• User manual.

WARNING! The device is not compatible with Kyivstar SIM cards with 4G support. For the correct operation of the device, it is recommended to use Vodafone, Lifecell (unlimited) or Kyivstar SIM cards without 4G.

Warranty 2 years.

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Warranty period
24 months
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