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Optical cable FinMark UT008-SM-15 single-mode 8 SM fibers

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Brand: FinMark
Product Code: 02475
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Fiber optic cable FinMark UT008-SM-15 single-mode dielectric for suspension or laying in pipes, 8 single-mode fibers, monotubes, reinforcing sclenites, PE sheath, 5 mm, 1 kN, 22 kg/km. Optical fiber that meets the requirements of ITU-T G.652.D.

The price is for 1 km of cable, shipped in sections of any length upon prepayment.
min. the section is 100 m, the maximum length of the bay is 4 km.

We also recommend: UT008-SM-15 LSZH.

• High mechanical tensile strength
• Low weight
• High-density polyethylene (HDPE) casing provides good protection against accidental mechanical damage and chemical influences.
• A sufficiently large supply of fibers in the cable allows it to withstand without damage critical tensile forces at extreme temperatures, wind loads or icing
• Absence of guidance on the power elements when hanging on the supports of high-voltage networks
• Absence of induced currents on power elements during lightning discharges
• Small diameter and round cross-section reduces sailability under wind load
• Aramid rods embedded in the shell provide additional resistance to tensile forces. At the same time, the weight does not increase, the flexibility of the cable is not lost due to their small size and weight
• Aramid rods are embedded in the shell, and with additional stretching, the force from the clamp is transmitted to the power elements, which deforms the shell less
• Moisture-proof fibers ensure the protection of the cable core from lateral penetration of moisture.
• Reinforcing glass fibers provide additional protection against tensile forces.
• Reinforcing glass fibers are made in the form of strands, not loose fibers, which is more convenient and safer during installation.

Cable with a central optical module in which up to 24 optical fibers can be located. A layer of reinforcing glass fibers is located on top of the modular tube. The shell is made of UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene. To increase resistance to tensile loads, two aramid-plastic power elements are built into the shell.
The fully dielectric design of the cable excludes any electromagnetic influences on the cable, eliminating the need to address issues of grounding and electrical safety during installation and operation.

• Number of fibers, approx. 8
• Diameter of the optical module, mm 1.7
• Thickness of the outer shell, mm 1.2
• Diameter of aramid rods, mm 0.5
• Fiberglass reinforcing material
• Cable diameter, mm 5.0
• Cable mass, kg/km 22
• Min. bending radius, constant/dynamic 10/20 cable diameters
• Max. tensile load, H 1000
• Max. compressive load, N/100mm 500
• Max. overhang length, m 80
• Permissible operating temperatures, °C -30 - +60
storage -40 - +60
installations -15 - +40
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Optical cable
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