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Wireless motion detector Ajax MotionCam white with camera

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Brand: Ajax
Product Code: 05896
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Ajax MotionCam white wireless motion sensor with camera, signal transmission range up to 1700 m in open space. In real conditions, there are several floors of a business center. After an alarm message, the sensor transmits an animated series of photos to assess the situation. Frequency 868-868.6 MHz. 2-way communication. Sensor polling period: 10 - 300 seconds. Adaptive adjustment of transmission power - the closer the sensor is to the central unit, the less energy it consumes. Encryption of messages and protection against forgery. Authentication. Tamper protection against dissection. Installation on a smart mount without sensor analysis. The sensor has adjustable sensitivity and is able to ignore pets weighing up to 20 kg and up to 50 cm tall.

The Ajax MotionCam sensor does not transmit a photo on request, only in case of alarm. The data is transmitted via a secure Wings radio channel, encryption is used during transmission and storage. Safe and reliable data transmission is ensured by the simultaneous use of two radio protocols: Jeweler for alerting and Wings for photo transmission. It takes less than 9 seconds to transmit a photo from the scene after motion is detected, and an alarm message will arrive in a second.

This wireless motion sensor can be used to protect any objects: apartments, private houses, cottages, offices, shops, warehouses, industrial premises, etc. The advantage of this sensor is its convenient and extremely easy independent installation with the help of a smart mount, for installation it is not necessary to disassemble the sensor itself. Considering that the motion sensor is one of the most common elements of security alarms, this is an important plus for the device.

• The sensor is easy to install and configure without special knowledge
• Wireless optical-electronic optical radio channel detector with a camera
• Only works with Ajax Hub 2
• Motion detection range – up to 12 meters
• Ignores pets weighing up to 20 kg, height up to 50 cm;
• Viewing angle of the motion sensor: horizontally 88.5 °, vertically 80 °
• The viewing angle of the camera is 90°
• The alarm signal delivery time is 0.15 s
• Default photo delivery time: up to 9 seconds
• Photo resolution: up to 640 × 480 pixels, the series contains up to 5 pictures
• Infrared illumination for shooting in the dark
• The maximum distance between the sensor and the central unit is 1700 m in direct line of sight
• The sensor uses a general purpose frequency of 868 MHz for signal transmission, which does not require a license to use
• Easy to install and configure without special knowledge
• Installation of the sensor using smart fasteners is convenient and will not damage the repair
• The sensor regularly transmits test signals to the central unit, and the sensor polling period can be adjusted at your discretion. If the sensor is attempted to be stolen or broken, the central security system will immediately find out about it and issue an alarm.
• For reliable monitoring of the alarm operation, the sensor regularly transmits a low battery signal to the central unit, the user will be notified in time of the need to replace the battery in the sensor
• The information transmitted by the sensor is protected from interception and replacement attempts.
• Sensor sensitivity is adjustable. You can choose the optimal sensitivity of the sensor based on the size of the pet that will be in the room
• The housing of the sensor is protected against tampering
• Thanks to a special energy-saving algorithm, the sensor works with standard CR123A batteries for up to 4 years.

• Generation The second generation of Ajax
• Type of wireless sensor
• The type of motion sensor is a pyroelectric sensor
• Range of motion detection is 12 m
• Horizontal motion detection angle of 88.5 °
• Vertical motion detection angle of 80 °
• Immunity from domestic animals up to 20 kg
• Wall mounting type
• The installation height is 2.4 m
• Tamper protection is available
• The range of the wireless signal is 1700 m
• Transmission frequency of 868 or 915 MHz depending on the country of sale
• The power of the radio transmitter of the sensors is 20 mW
• Battery type CR123A
• The service life of the sensor from one power cell is up to 4 years
• Operating voltage 3 V
• Operating temperature range 0⁰C – + 50⁰C
• Working humidity up to 80%
• Additional options for alarm photos: 640*480, a series of up to 5 pcs., delivery time up to 9 seconds
• Dimensions 135×70×60 mm
• Weight 167 g
• 24-month warranty

   Complete set
• Ajax MotionCam white wireless motion sensor
• Installation and operation manual
• Battery type CR123A
Product type
Motion sensor with camera
Warranty period
24 months
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