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PBX (Private Branch eXchange — or Private Business eXchange) is a specialized computer in which external telephone lines are got and from which lines of  internal connection depart. The most important mission of  PBX - to save both money and time because the considerable quantity of internal subscribers is frictionless use a small amount of external lines and simultaneously with it:

  • Allows the owner to make telecommunication of the advanced and to use it as much as possible effectively;
  • Gives to all subscribers modern service, not demanding thus any special telephone sets;
  • Increases image of the company.

Problems with which easily consults PBX, it is possible to divide on two groups:

  • Maintenance of internal connection in establishment;
  • Rational use of available external telephone lines that allows to organize optimum work both separately taken employee, and the organization as a whole.

The high-grade life of modern office, shop, hotel or bank is impossible without reliable and qualitative connection. Modern telephone exchanges (PBX, PABX, departmental or office automatic telephone exchange), giving to the companies possibility of the organization of magnificent internal connection, at the same time increase efficiency of use of existing city telephone lines, thereby cutting down expenses on their maintenance. The given advantages in a combination to ease in circulation and the reasonable price make office automatic telephone exchange by necessary attribute of a business life of any firm. Even at the little office consisting of three rooms and equipped with two city telephone lines, the problem of the organization of connection already declares itself. What to speak about the companies occupying the whole floors or buildings. The problem consists not only in degree of comfort of employees though also it is very important for effective work. Main is a convenience of clients and the partners, all those who wants immediately and noise in a tube to have a talk with you.

Our company "ELVIS" offers you a full complex of services in installation, adjustment and service of telephone systems - from working out of the project before installation of equipment PBX, PABX, departmental (office) automatic telephone exchanges and guarantee support:

  • Installation of digital and analog telephone stations
  • Installation of telephone networks of any size
  • Selection and delivery of the necessary equipment
  • Examination, diagnosing and certification of networks
  • Development of design and technical documentation
  • Support and warranty service of the installed systems
  • Consulting services in the field of designing of  the cable systems

Ample opportunities of telephone exchanges:

  • optimal distribution of incoming and outgoing calls between departments and employees;
  • efficient management of incoming calls through call forwarding, standby and call hold;
  • intercom with the ability to conference for a large number of participants
  • Operative connection of employees on the workplaces;
  • control the use of long-distance communications, billing, restricting access by time;
  • Various schemes of readdressing the calls;
  • standby and call hold, conference call;
  • "Hands-free" - as an external (the office), or through the phone system;
  • Pulse and tone dialing by choice;
  • answering machine, alarm clock and radio;
  • the ability to connect a fax database radiotelephone, intercom and other analog devices;
  • the ability to connect a computer, voice mail device.

Our Company ELVIS offers PBX, PABX and departmental (office) automatic telephone exchanges of manufacture Samsung, LG-Ericsson. Engineers of our company will pick up to you model of PBX, PABX, departmental (office) automatic telephone exchange optimum approaching your enterprise, and the price range and working indicators of the equipment offered by us will satisfy the most pretentious customer.

We are assured, that any customer, irrespective of amounts of executed works will estimate competence of our company, professionalism of employees and an individual approach.

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