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PBX (Private Branch eXchange)

PBX (Private Branch eXchange)

Mini-PBX is a specialized computer into which external communication lines (city, IP, SIP, GSM gateways) are connected and from which internal communication lines depart. The most important purpose of a mini PBX is to save both money and time due to the fact that a large number of internal subscribers can use a small number of external lines without conflict and at the same time:

    • allows the owner to make his telephone communication system the most modern and use it as efficiently as possible;

    • provides modern service to all its subscribers without requiring any special telephone sets;

    • improves the image of the company.

Tasks that are easily handled by a mini PBX can be divided into two groups:

    • Provision of internal communication in the institution;

    Rational use of available external telephone lines, which allows to optimally organize the work of both an individual employee and the organization as a whole.

The full life of a modern office, shop, hotel or bank is impossible without reliable and high-quality communication. Modern PBXs (automatic telephone exchanges), providing companies with the opportunity to organize excellent internal communication, at the same time increase the efficiency of using existing city telephone lines, thereby reducing the costs of their maintenance. These advantages, combined with ease of use and affordable price, make office mini PBXs a necessary attribute of the business life of any company. Even in a small office consisting of three rooms and equipped with two city telephone lines, the problem of communication organization is already manifesting itself. What can we say about companies occupying entire floors or buildings. The issue is not only the degree of comfort of employees, although this is very important for effective work. The main thing is the convenience of customers and partners, all those who want to talk to you without delay and noise in the handset.

Mini PBX allows operators to reduce the level of payment for communication services, because if there is a correctly configured mini PBX, internal calls between subscribers within the organization are free, the connection initialization time is very short (abbreviated dialing is used).

On the basis of departmental (office) PBX, it is possible to build large corporate communication networks for state and financial institutions, management systems for infrastructure facilities, etc.

As a rule, the so-called can be connected to modern PBXs. system phones are devices with a large set of functions and function keys that create additional convenience when using these devices. When selecting mini-PBX equipment, as a rule, at least one system telephone is required - for operational management and programming. The rest of the phones can be any, the main requirement is the presence of the FLASH button.

The ELVIS group of companies offers you a full range of services for installation, configuration and maintenance of telephone networks - from project development to installation of mini PBX equipment, office PBXs, departmental (departmental) PBXs and warranty support:

    • Installation of digital telephone stations

    • Installation of telephone networks of any scale

    • Selection and supply of the necessary equipment

    • Examination, diagnosis and certification of networks

    • Development of design and technical documentation

    • Support and warranty service of installed systems

    • Consulting services on the design of cable systems

Broad possibilities of telephone exchanges:

    • optimal distribution of incoming and outgoing calls between departments and employees of the company;

    • effective call management with the help of forwarding, waiting modes and call retention;

    • internal telephone communication with the possibility of holding conferences for a large number of participants;

    • operational communication of employees at workplaces;

    • control over the use of long-distance communication, pricing, access time restrictions;

    • various call forwarding schemes;

    • standby and call hold modes, conference mode;

    • "speakerphone" - both external (in the office) and through the system phone;

    • pulse and tone set by choice;

    • answering machine, alarm clock and radio;

    • the possibility of connecting a fax machine, radio telephone base, intercom and other analog devices;

    • the possibility of connecting a computer, voice mail device.

ELVIS group of companies offers mini PBX, office PBX and departmental (installation) PBX manufactured by Samsung, LG-Ericsson. The engineers of our company will select for you a mini PBX model, an office PBX, a departmental PBX optimally suited to your organization. We hope that the price range and technical indicators of the equipment offered by us will satisfy the most demanding customer.

We are sure that any customer, regardless of the volume of work performed, will appreciate the competence of our company, the professionalism of our employees, and the individual approach.