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Selected articles

CCTV over Internet
Views: 1045
CCTV over Internet

Remote video surveillance through Internet channels has already become one of the most popular and useful options for security systems. Video surveillance via the Internet has become popular due to the availability of high-speed fixed and mobile access points to the Internet - CDMA and GSM networks of the new generation, LTE networks. When using modern video recorders (DVRs), IP video ca..

PBX (Private Branch eXchange)
Views: 2267
PBX (Private Branch eXchange)

Mini-PBX is a specialized computer into which external communication lines (city, IP, SIP, GSM gateways) are connected and from which internal communication lines depart. The most important purpose of a mini PBX is to save both money and time due to the fact that a large number of internal subscribers can use a small number of external lines without conflict and at the same time:    • al..

Access control system
Views: 2282
Access control system

The abbreviation ACS (sometimes called ACMS - access control and management system) is actually just an INTELLIGENT LOCK on your door. Of course, the concept of "lock" can include a lot of devices blocking the passage into the premises (building, territory, etc.). All these devices in access control systems are designated by the term executive devices.The executive device can be the actual lock (e..

CCTV system
Views: 2136
CCTV system

Video surveillance - definition, purpose, composition of the system The video surveillance system (video surveillance, video control) is designed to organize the receipt of information about the current state of the protected object (technological process) by collecting, processing, archiving, storing, displaying and analyzing this information. The purpose of installing a video surveilla..