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XVR - a new line of DAHUA DVR

Dahua XVR

August 1, 2017

With the advent of CVI, TVI and AHD technologies, analog video surveillance got a second breath, but at a completely different level of quality it became possible to transmit signals with a resolution of 720p, 1080p and even 4-5-8Mp. However, due to the almost simultaneous appearance of various competing formats, there was a problem of simultaneous use of equipment with different signal standards.

Also, when constructing a video surveillance system, integrators must take into account the uniformity of the technology used in each particular case, that is, if the video cameras installed on the object only work in the AHD standard, then the integrator is forced to use an AHD video recorder (DVR), even if it is not satisfied with characteristics.

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The program FortNet - downloads and manual

June 10, 2016

FortNetSoftware "FortNet" designed to work as part of integrated access control and alarm.

Compatibility with controllers series:
• VNC (Versitile Node Controller- access control and alarm system)
• ABC (Access Base Controller - access control)
• ANC (Access Node Controller- access control to one point of passage).

Task of "FortNet":
• software configuration and management of equipment SKD using a PC
• maintenance of database access IDs and their owners
• ACS event logging
• software features analysis system events (selection of protocol events to filter, time tracking...).

Software has a modular structure. Built on the architecture "client-server". Used FireBird as a database SQL server. Software-oriented networking. Communication between modules through network connections.

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Free software for access control and time attendance

Free software for access controlJune 16, 2015

The company ITV has introduced a free network software suite of U-Prox IP to configure, manage access control system (ACS) and attendance-based controllers NDC F18IP / U-Prox IP400 and U-Prox IP100.

This online version 5 workplaces (server + 4 clients) running simultaneously. Database Editor staff configurator equipment online and receive events Event logging, report generation, built-in e-mail alerts, work time accounting module, photo identification, graphical maps, printing cards.

Supports up to 2000 IDs.

Built-in video identification, integrated with an IP digital video surveillance systems.

The software package is activated when connected IP controllers. HASP protection key is not used. The software is activated by connecting the controller-type NDC F18IP (U-Prox IP400) or U-Prox IP100.

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Hikvision company announces partnership with Prysm Software

December 27, 2013Hikvision Announces Partnership with Prysm Software

Hikvision company and the French developer of software for security measures Prysm recently announced the integration of all products Hikvision within the system Prysm AppVision. This combination allows you to manage Hikvision products directly from the video wall AppVision PSIM and video matrix for complex automation projects security and building automation worldwide.

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The new line of cameras from Hikvision - EXIR technology

Hikvision EXIROctober 4, 2013

Hikvision company has released a series of new cameras with infrared illumination EXIR, characterized fundamentally new technical solutions and bold design . Compared with conventional cameras with infrared illumination based on an array of LEDs, camera Hikvision EXIR have the following advantages:

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