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Elmes Electronic

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Elmes Electronic U1HS radio button up to 150 meters
In stock
Model: 04468
Elmes Electronic U1HS remote control radio button, 150 meter radio kit, receiver and two single button transmitter fobs. Memory of 112 transmitters. 5 modes of operation. 2 outputs (relay + open collector). Operating temperature: from -20° to +55°C.T..
1 170.00грн.
Remote control Elmes Electronic DWB-100HT up 100m
In stock
Model: 04269
Elmes Electronic DWB-100HT 100m remote control, two-channel two-button transmitter key fob - red/green, compatible with most receivers and panels manufactured by Elmes Electronic.   Characteristics:• Wireless signal range up to 100m• Operat..
Free delivery
Elmes Electronic U2-HS radio button for 150 meters
In stock
Model: 04270
Elmes Electronic U2-HS remote control radio button, radio kit for 150 meters. Superheterodyne receiver and two key fob transmitters with two buttons. Memory of 112 transmitters. 8 modes of operation. 3 outputs (2 relays + open collector). Operating t..
1 525.00грн.
Free delivery
Wireless motion detector Elmes Electronic PTX-50
In stock
Model: 03250
Motion detector Elmes Electronic PTX-50 wireless security infrared passive for signaling, detection zone 20mx90°, distance up to 100m, 50x62x95mm, 433.92 MHz.The PTX-50 detector is compatible with the CB32 control panel and Elmes receivers. Very low ..
1 258.00грн.
Elmes Electronic UMB-100-HT key fob for radio button UMB100HS, U1HS for 100m
In stock
Model: 03657
Elmes Electronic UMB-100-HT key fob for radio button (radio controller) UMB100HS, U1HS, operating range 100m (with direct line of sight), 9V from battery, 433.92 MHz.Features:• Number of buttons 1• There is no alarm button• The range of the wireless ..
Key fob (remote control) Elmes Electronic AN-200HT, at 200m, for radio button AN-200HS (UMB-200)
In stock
Model: 03242
Key fob (remote) Elmes Electronic AN-200HT for radio controller AN-200HS (UMB-200), operating range 200 m (line of sight), 9V from battery, 433.92 MHz.The transmitter key fob is made in a rectangular case and is equipped with two alarm buttons. The d..
Free delivery
Elmes Electronic U1HSL radio button up to 250 meters
In stock
Model: 07340
Elmes Electronic U1HSL radio button up to 250 meters.The U1HSL kit consists of one AN200HT remote control and one U1HR receiver. The U1HR superheterodyne receiver has excellent sensitivity and selectivity and meets the latest relevant EU standards fo..
1 680.00грн.
Radio button Elmes Electronic AN200HS for 200 meters
Out Of Stock
Model: 03241
The Elmes Electronic AN200HS radio control controller is single-channel for 200 meters (with direct line of sight), consists of a radio receiver and an AN-200HT transmitter key fob. The kit is used in OPS and LCD systems, allows simultaneous operatio..
1 440.00грн.
Elmes Electronic UMB-100HS radio button for 100 meters
Archive product
Model: 00158
Controller for remote radio control (radio button) Elmes Electronic UMB-100HS, range - 100 m.It is used in security alarm systems to trigger a time delay, arming/disarming, access control systems and is used as a panic button.2 key rings included. Th..