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CCTV over Internet

Video surveillance over the Internet

Remote monitoring via the Internet

has become one of the most popular and useful features of security systems. CCTV over the Internet has become popular due to the availability of high-speed fixed and mobile points of access to the internet - CDMA and GSM next generation network WIMAX and LTE.

With modern video recorders (DVR), IP video cameras or computer video capture cards feature video through the Internet to provide just enough, the important point is the use of DVR (DVR) or a capture card with two independent video streams: the main stream (HD) is for recording and viewing video server (DVR), and the additional (variable) stream for transmission of video over a local network and the Internet.

In the presence of high-speed access to the Internet (1.5 Mbits / camera) can provide remote monitoring facility without loss of speed or quality of the original images (4CIF, 25 / s, compression H.264, frame size of 7.5 KB - color camera) on server (DVR). It is important when choosing a provider and a link to connect the equipment at the remote site to draw attention to the rate of outgoing traffic ("to transfer"), because providers usually advertise the speed of traffic ("on the download"), which is usually in 3 to 10 times more than the rate of outgoing traffic. In Ukraine, there is a well-developed network of Internet access, and wireless internet 3G in the form of EV-DO Rev. A is present in large parts of the territory of Ukraine, which makes it possible not only to watch video on a smartphone, tablet, laptop computer from a remote location, but also to organize the broadcast video stream from a remote location at a reasonable cost. When communication channel is desirable from the server (DVR) at a remote site to set a static IP address. As devices for viewing video can be: a smartphone with OS Android, iOS, tablet, laptop etc. Remote video on the client can be done in two ways - by installing a special client software or configure the server-side WEB-server (perhaps almost all DVR) and watch video through standard WEB-browsers (like on laptops, and smartphones and tablets).

ELVIS company (Electronic Videoinformation Systems) offers a full range of services for projects of CCTV systems. The engineers of our company will provide you with a system that is optimal for your enterprise, and the price range and the operating performance of our proposed equipment will satisfy the most demanding customer.

We are sure that any customer, regardless of the volume of work performed will evaluate the competence of our company, professionalism and individual approach.

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