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How to find the IP address of the camera?

February 6, 2015.

Hikvision SADPTo obtain an image from the IP camera connected to the NVR or to switch to a local computer network need to know its IP address.

We describe several steps to simple IP Camera setup:

1) If there is an instruction to the camcorder (paper or CD-ROM), it usually needs to be specified which IP address is set to the IP camera by default. If the IP camera previously used, it is possible to change the IP address, then it is desirable to reset the IP camera to the factory - in this case, locate and click on the camera button Reset.


For your reference, a default IP address of the popular brands of IP cameras:
• Dahua - Username: admin, password: admin
• Hikvision - Username: admin, password: 12345


Do not connect multiple unconfigured IP cameras to the same local network, especially if the new cameras the same manufacturer, as they originally the same IP address - there is a conflict of IP addresses on the LAN. It is recommended to connect the first one IP camera, change her IP address in accordance with your subnet address range, then the second etc.

2) Included with the IP camera or NVR can be a software that allows you to quickly find a new IP camera in the network, as well as change the IP address of the camera, make some necessary settings.
Of course, at the manufacturer's site IP camera can usually find the service software.

For example, to find the IP camera Hikvision in the local network and change its IP address, you can use the service utility SADP.

Download SADP:

SADPTool_V3.0.0.10.zip27.37 MB

To find the IP camera Dahua in the local network and change its IP address, you can use the service utility Dahua config tool.

Download Dahua config tool:

3) To find the IP address of the camera, any other device (router, computer, smartphone connected to your network), you can use the program to scan IP addresses, such as Advanced IP Scanner, which can scan IP and MAC addresses of all devices on your network.

Do not forget that successful collaboration IP address of your computer and the IP address of your camera should be on the same subnet, i. e. the penultimate number of IP addresses to devices on the same network must be identical. This applies not only to IP cameras, and all devices operating in a computer network.