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How to make the cable network

4 March 2016 


Great value for quality communication systems, video surveillance and alarm systems has cable network (wiring). Incorrect installation made or substandard supplies can negate all the benefits of even the most expensive and good switching equipment or terminal equipment (switches, PBX, DVR (NVR), video camera). Experience shows savings in consumables and installation works layman then turns costly to correct deficiencies, and often complete replacement of all components of a computer, a telephone network or CCTV.

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IP cameras HIKVISION - activation and connection

December 18, 2015

IP camera Hikvision - the best choice

In earlier versions of the firmware (to version 5.3.0) IP cameras HIKVISION supplied to IP address and the default password is 12345.

Starting with version 5.3.0 firmware, connecting IP cameras HIKVISION to the network is the new procedure.

Cameras with firmware 5.3.0 and above before connecting to the network need to "activate" because they come from the factory without password (not active). Since the cameras with the new firmware "default" no password, the Installer having trouble connecting IP cameras HIKVISION with firmware> = 5.3.0 DVRs familiar to them "automatic" way.

Consider the process of connection (activation) IP cameras HIKVISION.

First you need to find out the IP address of the camera and its firmware version. How to determine the IP address of the camera - we describe in this article:

There are two easy ways:

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How to find the IP address of the camera?

February 6, 2015.

Hikvision SADPTo obtain an image from the IP camera connected to the NVR or to switch to a local computer network need to know its IP address.

We describe several steps to simple IP Camera setup:

1) If there is an instruction to the camcorder (paper or CD-ROM), it usually needs to be specified which IP address is set to the IP camera by default. If the IP camera previously used, it is possible to change the IP address, then it is desirable to reset the IP camera to the factory - in this case, locate and click on the camera button Reset.


For your reference, a default IP address of the popular brands of IP cameras:
• Dahua - Username: admin, password: admin
• Hikvision - Username: admin, password: 12345


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HDCVI - HD video surveillance for long distances

June 30, 2014


In November 2012, Dahua Technology introduced HDCVI technology. Declaring HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) technology, Dahua Technology demonstrated its determination to become a provider of integrated solutions.

Innovative HDCVI technology makes it possible to transfer high-definition video without delays up to 500 meters along a coaxial cable.

Thus, users now have the opportunity to update existing standard analogue video surveillance systems to a megapixel resolution without replacing the cable networks. Although the technology of network (IP) video surveillance has penetrated most sectors of the market and geographic regions, now systems are mainly used with analog cameras and networks with the transfer of analog video signal from cameras to processing devices (DVR, video capture cards). At the same time, end users now want to have higher image quality, since with the advent of the megapixel IP cameras, it became economically feasible to upgrade the old analogue or hybrid video surveillance system (using digital video signal processing devices) to fully digital. However, for example, for a large business center with thousands of coaxial cables, changing the cable network can be extremely expensive and time-consuming.

Therefore, HDCVI technology looks very tempting for the customer, who decided to upgrade the video surveillance system.

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DC / DC converters in CCTV

 November 5, 2013DC/DC converter for CCTV

When implementing projects CCTV (video surveillance), one of the main important issues that must be addressed is to ensure high-quality power supply unit and the transmission of video. For short distances (up to 100 - 200 m) drop voltage and power cables is insignificant (1 - 2B) and does not affect the video quality. A completely different situation arises in the implementation of the power supply for a distance of 300 meters or more , especially when installing external cameras : power must be reserved by uninterruptible power supplies, power supply current external cameras is quite significant (0.5-1 A with IR illumination).

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A hybrid approach - migration from analog to IP-based video systems

January 4, 2011

DT Magazine March 2010 Apple Guy (Guy Apple),

vice president of sales and marketing network video technology company NVT

Industry of closed circuit television migrates in the direction of the transition to all-digital standard. The rate of this migration depends on the characteristics of the new system, first of all, the video quality, and cost. To date, IP-video-quality images, the same as the previous systems are quite expensive, especially if we consider the total cost of ownership of the object. Given the tight economic situation, the majority of end users are faced with the need to reduce spending on surveillance systems. However, there is a technique which avoids the use of cost increases during the transition to digital systems.

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