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Access control

Access control actually represents SIMPLY INTELLECTUAL LOCK on your door. Certainly, under concept the lock can be the amount of devices blocking pass to a premise (a building, territory etc.). All these devices in access monitoring systems are designated by the term of actuation mechanisms.    

The lock (electromechanical or electromagnetic), an electromechanical latch, a turnstile, a barrier, etc. can be an actuation mechanism actually

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Actually any access control is intended automatically to pass those to whom it is necessary, and not to pass those to whom it is forbidden. Access control allows to provide at any time the control over a situation, an order, safety of the personnel and visitors, safety of material assets and the information. All differences of existing systems consist of these: how much reliably, qualitatively, and is user-friendly functions of the monitoring system of access are carried out.

Now it is short about some terms applied in descriptions on the monitoring systems of access.

Definition Access control

The Access control system -  set of programming-means and organizational-methodical actions. With its help the problem of the control and management of visiting of separate premises dares, and also the operative control of moving of the personnel and time of its finding for object territories. Really, AMS it not only the equipment and the software, is the thought over control system of personnel movement.

The identifier of the user

This some device or sign on which the user is defined. Magnetic cards, contactless cards, Touch Memory, the image of an iris of the eye of an eye, a fingerprint, a print of a palm and many other things physical signs can be identifiers. Each identifier are characterized by a certain unique binary code. In system to each code the information on the rights and privileges of the owner of the identifier is put in conformity.

Following types of cards are now applied:

Contactless radio-frequency (PROXIMITY) cards - the type of cards most perspective and used at present. Contactless cards work on distance and do not demand accurate positioning that provides their steady work and convenience of use, high throughput. The input reader generates electromagnetic radiation of certain frequency and asks the card chip. Having received necessary energy for work, the card sends on the input reader the identification number by means of an electromagnetic impulse of the certain form and frequency.

Magnetic cards - less widespread variant, possesses several lacks - small service life, necessity of accurate positioning.

Wiegand’s Cards - named by name the scientist who has opened a magnetic alloy, possessing a rectangular loop of a hysteresis. In a card pieces of a wire from this alloy are located. Pieces, at moving by them a reading out head, allow to consider the information. These cards are more durable, than magnetic, but also more expensive. One of lacks - that the code in a card is brought at manufacturing once and for all.

The stroke-code cards - on the card shaped a code. There is more difficult variant - the stroke-code is closed by a material, transparent only in infra-red light, reading occurs in Ik-area.

Key-charm "Touch memory" - a metal tablet in which ROM chip is located. With the contact of a tablet with the input reader the unique code of the identifier is sent.

The same card can open as one door, and to serve as "key" for several doors. For the temporary employees and visitors are made out temporary or single cards with the limited period of validity.

The input reader

The device intended for reading of the information from the identifier, and transfer of this information to controller SKD.

Pass point

Some barrier equipped with the input reader and an actuation mechanism. The pass point can be completely supervised on an entrance. In the first case, pass is equipped with two input readers - on an entrance and on an exit. In the second case - only by the input reader on an entrance, an exit it is carried out freely or by button RTE.

Button RTE

Button "EXIT" (Request To Exit) serves for the compulsory permission of crossing of a point of pass, i.e., easier speaking, the actuation mechanism opening. Thus the opening fact is fixed in memory of the controller but who has particularly passed it is not known. Such buttons are put for maintenance of an unobstructed exit from premises.

Controller Access control

The controller is heart of Access control. The device intended for processing of the information from input readers of identifiers, decision-making, and managements of actuation mechanisms. On a way of management controllers Access control share on three classes: independent both centralized (network) and combined.

Independent controllers

Completely finished device intended for service, as a rule, of one point of pass. There are the diversified variations: the controllers combined with the input reader, the controllers which have been built in an electromagnetic lock and so on. Independent controllers are calculated on application of the most different types of input readers. As a rule, independent controllers are calculated on service of a small amount of users, usually to five hundred.

Network controllers

Not so successful term designating possibility of work of controllers in a network under control of the computer. In this case decisions are lay down on the personal computer with the installed specialized software. Network controllers are applied to creation Access control of any degree of complexity. Thus the administration receives a large quantity of additional possibilities. Except the simple permission or pass prohibition, you have, as a rule, following possibilities:

  • Reception of the report on presence or absence of employees on work
  • You have possibility practically instantly to find out, where particularly there is an employee
  • You have possibility to conduct the automatic sheet of the account of working hours
  • You have possibility to receive the report on the one who and where went practically for any period of time
  • You can generate the time schedule of pass of employees, i.e. who where and to what time can go
  • You have an opportunity conducting a database of employees (an electronic card file) in which you bring the necessary information on employees, including their photos.

        ... And much more other things. That is always there is a possibility to execute the most exotic wishes of owner Access control.

The combined controllers

Combine in itself functions of network and independent controllers. In the presence of connection with the operating computer (on line) controllers work as the network device, in the absence of connection - as independent.

Interdiction of double pass

The interdiction of double pass (anti pass back) is an interdiction for the admission through the same point of pass of the user who has not left a premise. Naturally, this possibility exists only for completely controllable point of pass as to understand, that the person has entered, but did not leave, it is possible only on the pass equipped with two input readers on the entrance and on the exit.

Function of an interdiction of double pass is entered to complicate identifier transfer to other person. Generally speaking, the interdiction of double pass, as well as any other good undertaking, leads to harmful consequences. For example, the person approaches to a turnstile on a checkpoint, brings the card and sees, that nearby there was an acquaintance whom he did not see hundred years. The person, naturally, stops and through a turnstile does not pass. All! Second time the system will not start up it! At stations people feel it on themselves to the full. You have passed on platform, have seen, that the electric train will be in twenty minutes, and send to behind beer. Far from it, to let out you will let out, but will start up back on platform only in forty minutes! Here to you and an interdiction of double pass in operation.

Discipline of pass

Support of such mode of passes at which the person who has passed in a premise, equipped with completely controllable point of pass, cannot pass in any other premise, preliminary not leaving from supervised.


The point of pass allocated with special functions. The person who has not passed through a point of pass, marked as a checkpoint, cannot get to one premise of object. As a rule, on pass time through a checkpoint the working hours are counted up.

Photo identification

Possibility of a conclusion to the screen of the monitor of the computer of a photo of the owner of the identifier (from a database). Photo identification is applied on checkpoints, as an additional measure of protection from not authorized pass. Thus the decision on pass can be accepted as automatically, and with confirmation from the controller on a checkpoint.

Principle of functioning of the monitoring system and management of access

Principle of functioning of the monitoring system and management of access the following:

Each employee, the client, the visitor of firm receives the identifier (an electronic key) - a plastic card or a charm with an individual code containing in it. "Electronic keys" stand out as a result of registration of the listed persons by means of system means. Nameplate data, a photo (video image) and other data on the owner of "an electronic key" are brought in personal "an electronic card". Personal "an electronic card" the owner and its code of "an electronic key" communicate with each other and are brought in specially organized computer databases.

At an entrance in a building or in a premise the input readers reading out from cards subjects code and the information on access rights of the owner of a card and transferring this information in the controller of system.

In the system in conformity the information on the rights of the owner of the card is put each code. On the basis of comparison of this information and a situation at which the card has been shown, the system makes the decision: the controller opens or blocks doors (locks, turnstiles), translates a premise in a protection mode, includes an alarm signal etc.

All facts of a presentation of cards and the actions connected with them (passes, alarms etc.) are fixed in the controller and remain in the computer. The information on the events caused by a presentation of cards, can be used further for reception of reports under working hours account, infringements of a labour discipline, etc.

At the enterprises it is possible to allocate four characteristic points of the control of access: through passage, office premises, premises of special importance, and motor transport entrances/departures.

Depending on a problem facing to you, you can choose the corresponding monitoring system and managements of access.

Small Access control will allow to prevent access of undesirable faces, and to employees precisely to specify those premises in which they have the right of access.

More difficult system will allow, besides access restriction, to appoint to each employee the individual time schedule of work, to keep and then to watch the information on events for a day. Systems can work in an independent mode and under control of the computer.

Complex Access control allow to solve safety issues and disciplines, to automate personnel and book keeping, to create the automated workplace of the security guard. The set of the functions which are carried out by complex systems, gives the chance to use the monitoring system for performance of specific targets at your enterprise or object.

Our Company ELVIS offers a full complex of services in realization of projects of monitoring systems of access control. Engineers of our Company will pick up to you the system optimum approaching your enterprise, and the price range and working indicators of the equipment offered by us will satisfy the most pretentious customer.

We are assured, that any customer, irrespective of amounts of executed works will estimate competence of our company, professionalism of employees and an individual approach.

The demand for calculation of the access control can be issued on page:

Attention! The access monitoring system is not the finished security system. And if you put a problem of high-grade protection besides the access monitoring system the CCTV should be installed.

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