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The program FortNet - downloads and manual

The program FortNet - downloads and manual
Software "FortNet" designed to work as part of integrated access control and alarm. 
Compatibility with controllers series: 
• VNC (Versitile Node Controller- access control and alarm system) 
• ABC (Access Base Controller - access control) 
• ANC (Access Node Controller- access control to one point of passage). 

Task of "FortNet":
• software configuration and management of equipment SKD using a PC
• maintenance of database access IDs and their owners
• ACS event logging
• software features analysis system events (selection of protocol events to filter, time tracking...).

Software has a modular structure. Built on the architecture "client-server". Used FireBird as a database SQL server. Software-oriented networking. Communication between modules through network connections.

The system software "FortNet" consists of the following modules:
• Module survey equipment
• Workplace operator FortNet

Module survey equipment
Provides communication with controllers (via RS-232 or Ethernet). Receive notification of events in the buffer memory controller and stores them in a database. A network connection management apparatus receives commands from ARM guard and commands of parameters of the access card "Bureau of passes" and transmits the appropriate commands of the controller.

Workplace operator
Perform the following tasks:
• Configurator - Configuration of the system to the needs of a particular object. This module is given by the structure of the system (hardware, time zones, access levels, zones of access, graphical planning object)
• Bureau of passes - Maintain a database of employees and cards (IDs access)
• Protection - Event Viewer ACS and alarm systems in real time.
Facilities management.
• Event Log - Sample reports of events from the archive for a given query.
• Time and Attendance - Configuration work schedules and receive their reports on working time for the selected period.

Download program FortNet:
Download instructions for setting up the program FortNet:
Fortnet description (v 1.4).pdf
Download Firebird v2.5:
Update FortNet program to version 1.4:
The archives are executable module "fortnet" and module equipment poll "poller".
Be sure to update to version 1.4 make a backup of the database can not be correct since the transition to earlier versions!
Do not contact the database with the updated software to 1.4 with remote working places is below version 1.4.
Download the early program Fortress and AccessNet (program no longer supported by the manufacturer):

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