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Free software for access control and time attendance

Free software for access control and time attendance

June 16, 2015 

The company ITV has introduced a free network software suite of U-Prox IP to configure, manage access control system (ACS) and attendance-based controllers NDC F18IP / U-Prox IP400 and U-Prox IP100. 

This online version 5 workplaces (server + 4 clients) running simultaneously. Database Editor staff configurator equipment online and receive events Event logging, report generation, built-in e-mail alerts, work time accounting module, photo identification, graphical maps, printing cards. 

Supports up to 2000 IDs. 

Built-in video identification, integrated with an IP digital video surveillance systems. 

The software package is activated when connected IP controllers. HASP protection key is not used. The software is activated by connecting the controller-type NDC F18IP (U-Prox IP400) or U-Prox IP100. 

The program "U-PROX IP" is a tool for configuring the controllers, accounting personnel, and the use of working hours, receiving and displaying events. Management DBMS (database management system) - MS SQL Server, which is used for storage of all settings and access events received from the controllers. The system provides for the establishment gruchkih accounting reports of the personnel; timesheets - one of the basic capabilities of the system, both timesheets and report on labor discipline modut be customized by the user according to the needs and specifics of each enterprise.

The server part of the software "U-PROX IP" is installed on the same computer. It supports management of a large number of doors and turnstiles, serving controller type NDC F18 IP, U-Prox IP100, U-Prox IP300, U-Prox IP400 and U-Prox IP500 oriented work with one or two doors and elevator controllers U- Prox IC E serving up to 32 floors each.

To the input terminal controllers can be connected contactless card readers, sensors and RTE button to normally closed and normally open contacts and the output contacts - actuators - locks, turnstiles etc.

To connect to the software part of the hardware of the system interface is used Ethernet (LAN - a leading computer network or WLAN - wireless computer network), RS485, RS232 and USB. IP controllers require minimal pre-configuration - just configure the device via the controller software "Configurator" using a standard cable USB.

If configured IP controller provides:

• Work with static or dynamic (DHCP) IP address;

• Working with two addresses ACS server - primary and secondary. You can specify IP-address or DNS-address (domain name of the computer);

• Work through the Internet (service remote offices) with the ability to backup routes to the Internet through another router (the router);

• Multiple Wi-Fi access points using a backup (main and backup).

Download the ISO image of the installation disc:

U-Prox WEB v3.052.6833. DVD image for installation / update (ISO) ~1GB

Download the assess control client software U-Prox Mobile Config for Android and U-Prox Mobile ID from Google Play.