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DC Configurator

DC Configurator

DC Configurator is free software designed for initial programming (configuration) of access control controllers such as NDC-F16, NDC-F18, DLK-642. 

The software supports work with one controller, creating an autonomous multifunctional, and at the same time inexpensive control system for one access point in a complex with it. 

This software allows you to: 

    • create projects containing information necessary for the initial programming of the controller, 

    • register contactless user IDs, 

    • view the event log in the controller, 

    • generate various reports. 

Characteristic features:

    • Work in the Windows 2000/XP/7 environment;

    • Work in a local computer network;

    • Intuitive graphical interface that allows security service employees who do not have special software training to work with the program;

    • Maintaining a database of contactless identifiers containing detailed information about system users;

    • Save all system messages. A convenient storage format allows you to create reports and process them according to any given criteria (date, time, last name, department, type of message, etc.) using standard packages (for example, Excel).

Computer requirements:

    • IBM PC or compatible computer.

    • RAM - at least 16 MB;

    • Hard disk - at least 1 GB;

    • CD-ROM reader;

    • SVGA video card with video mode support with a color depth no worse than HiColor (65536 colors);

    • SVGA color image monitor with support for video mode with color depth no worse than HiColor (65536 colors). The recommended resolution is at least 800x600 pixels;

    • Ports: RS-232, USB;

    • Manipulator of the "mouse" type;

    • Keyboard.

Download DC Configurator

Download DC Configurator for DLK642 Lite